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Over the last decade, K.B.I.S has become a market leader in Knowledge-Based Information Systems that efficiently manage complex business processes in the organization.  As a boutique company, we specially designed to accommodate our services and solutions to growing businesses, giving our customers the attention they need and deserve. Amongst our customers are the leading insurance, health care and defense organizations in Israel and abroad, such as: 

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Case Studies

Case Studies

KBIS performed a rapid deployment of the Hawk claims handling system within approximately 4 months. This deployment implemented a structured workflow for handling claims, including visibility of dashboards and claim handling by priorities.
The system proved quick ROI, faster claim handling SLA, significant savings of both claim handling fees, and average settlement amount.

Avichai Soudri

 FORMER CEO, Vectis Claims Services

Phoenix, a leading Israeli insurance company required a BPM platform for managing the process involving third party participants in the insurance process (such as: lawyers, appraisers, reviewers, investigators, medical records retrievals, etc).
This web-based product performs as a hub for all our vendors vis-à-vis the claim handlers, underwriters and brokers of the insurance company and supports the entire lifecycle process management.
Pheonix experienced significant savings in payments to third parties, reduction of claim handling SLA, better managerial control and governance that allowed implementation of managerial guidelines and policies.

Eyal Ben-Simon

CEO, Phoenix Insurance Company

KBIS is a one-stop-shop for providing state-of-the-art, tailor made software solutions supporting our core business processes. Having worked with their team for over 3 years, we know we can trust each project and on-going services to be delivered as planned, on time, and always with a smile.

Avivit Danieli-Korenreich

CEO, Lotem Medical Services

KBIS implemented a unique digital system for management and control of the entire damage assessment process performed by our organization. Due to the high complexity of damage assessment in the various agriculture fields, we had a true challenge of digitizing this process end-to-end. We found a team that were very professional and willing to meet all our demands with full cooperation. The mobile application, developed as part of the solution, which includes the advanced algorithms used for different types of damage assessments, displays impressive dynamic capabilities using standard smart devices. Now we can be sure that the methodologies and directives of the managements are fully complied and implemented in the field.

Shmuel Tourgeman

CEO, KANAT – Insurance Fund for Natural Risks in Agriculture