About K.B.I.S

Established in 2002 by Prof. Adi Armoni, K.B.I.S has become a market leader in Knowledge-Based Information Systems that efficiently manage complex business processes within an organization.

We consider ourselves as long-term true partners of the leading insurance, health care and defense organizations in Israel and abroad.

We focus on development and assimilation of innovative BPM (Business Process Management) and services-oriented applications.

Our solutions, implemented for mission critical business processes, improve business performance outcomes and operational agility. 

K.B.I.S is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified and works with a very high standard of development and project management methodology, which comply with security and regulation.

As of 2011, K.B.I.S is part of Matrix, the leading IT Company in Israel. That means you will benefit from Matrix’s networking connections, vast experience, market presence, and leading experts in all IT related fields and technologies.

With all the benefits of being part of Matrix, K.B.I.S operates as a stand-alone boutique unit, to provide you end-to-end solutions with all the attention you deserve in complicated operational and business wise challenges.

Meet our Team

Our people selected by their ability to provide excellent and professional solutions while striving for continuous excellence in service and innovation.

Our BPM team includes experienced computer science programmers, system analysts, and physicians for algorithmic design, project managers, developers, and assimilation experts.

Our implementation teams provide full integration with existing systems and ensure rapid deployment and TTM.

Prof. Adi Armoni

Founder and CEO

Prof. Armoni founded KBIS in 2002 and has served as its CEO ever since. He has extensive understanding of core business processes in complex service organizations in fields such as Insurance, Banking, Medicare, Legal Services, and more.

Prof. Armoni served as Dean of the school of business at the College of Management Academic studies until 2012. Before becoming dean, Prof. Armoni held senior academic and administrative positions at the business management faculties of College of Management, and Tel-Aviv University. 

Prof. Armoni, carries an extensive background, both, in research and in development of medical and insurance information systems. Mr. Armoni holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Tel Aviv University

Arnon Schrire

VP Delivery

Mr. Schrire is part of the matrix group for over 12 years, has extensive experience in project and program management, advanced system analysis, development of software products and improvement of operational and managerial organizational processes.

Mr. Schrire has extensive experience cracking the core business processes of organizations in the insurance, banking, government and defense industries. 

Mr. Schrire is considered a nation-wide expert for business continuity and disaster recovery in the insurance industry and in general.

Mr. Schrire holds a B.Sc in Industrial and Information-Systems Engineering from the Technion (cum laude), and an MBA (Global Management) from the IDC, Hertzliya.

Igor Rubinstein


Mr. Rubinstein has extensive experience in the software industry and has been leading project development teams for over 20 years, also worked as a software engineer for his previous positions at Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and for several largest software companies in Israel.

Mr. Rubinstein specializes in algorithm development technology and lead many large-scale software projects on web systems.

Mr. Rubinstein holds a B.Sc in Mathematics and Computer Science from Bar Ilan University

Orit Shachar

Director Support and Operations

Ms. Shachar has extensive experience in management of operations, training, support, and customer service for over 20 years, while operating hundreds of employees.

Ms. Shachar specializes in software-related support and operations for customers in the Insurance, Legal, and Medical fields – providing each customer the full “boutique” care they deserve while overseeing the process as a whole.

Ms. Shachar holds a B.A in Communications and Management from The College of Management Academic Studies.

Maxim Chellak

Senior Team Leader

Mr. Chellak has extensive experience in the software industry. He has been leading and developing project for large organizations for over 10 years, also worked as a software engineer for his previous positions at Israeli Air Forces (IAF). Mr. Chellak specializes in backend development, consulting and project management and lead many large-scale software projects on web systems. Mr. Chellak holds a B.Sc in Computer Science from Holon Institute of Technology.